If you want to talk about the most popular piece of clothing in recent years, it's none other than the embroidered ABAYA long skirt! It combines sexiness and leisure, constantly delineating the gentle curves of our girlish hearts. Today, let me recommend a few stylish Middle Eastern dresses for everyone. Come and get this popular item!

A light colored long skirt full of immortality

This embellished ABAYA long dress, with its fresh and elegant tones paired with golden Bohemian embroidery, exudes a fairy like aura! The lace design on the shoulders and cuffs adds a touch of playfulness without being too exaggerated. Wearing it with a gentle spin is like crossing time and space to return to the medieval palace ball scene, a princess and queen. Two piece abaya dress set embroider with desert rose. Light pink cardigan paired with white sleeveless inner dress,Take you to enjoy the ultimate gentleness and elegance.

Dream Journey in Sea

If you're tired of those beautiful and passionate colors, this clear blue ABAYA dress is definitely the perfect choice. The perfect combination of soft sky blue and gold trim is like walking between the sea and sky. Decorated with exquisite edging, it adds a touch of fantasy. A loose and comfortable cut that exudes both elegance and a sense of lightness without any burden. Let this vast ocean take you on a journey through a romantic country. Royal Blue Women's Arabic Vintage Abaya paired with Goose Yellow. Large handmade rhinestones sparkles in front of you. Spring and Autumn Style abaya, comfortable for commuters.

The reverse charm of

The basic color tone of black, combined with golden embroidery and tassels, instantly showcases Middle Eastern charm. The waistband design and split adds a touch of sexiness and luxury. The eternal classic of black has been given a new meaning here, no longer rigid, but exudes a deadly attraction. Handsewn Rhinestones Abaya Dress, V-Neck design with Gold Edge Gold Tube for Middle East Party Festival. There are black, green, dark blue, navy blue multiple colors available.

Pink Girl's Heart

Pink has an indissoluble bond with girls, and this pink trimmed Middle Eastern dress adds a touch of brilliance to it. The light and flowing silk has a soft and comfortable texture, retaining a romantic atmosphere while maintaining nobility. Double layer chiffon dual color long sleeved cardigan abaya with waistband. Irregular cut design, simple and generous. Wearable on both sides, free to choose from.

A lush spring

The green that fell in love at first sight, this emerald green mid east style long dress adds a vibrant color to the entire spring and summer. The layered emerald green gauze skirt feels like being in a colorful spring garden. The association between green and the earth reveals tranquility in its temperament, while also exuding vitality. A dress speaks louder than a thousand words about the arrival of green.

New arrival Dark Green multi-layer Chiffon abaya dress for Tourism and Vacation. Design with Big Swing Skirt, Decorated with hand sewn rhinestones, Elegant and Beautiful.

The above is the ABAYA long skirt style I recommended for everyone today. How about it? Do you want to get started immediately after reading it? They not only have novel and fashionable designs, but also wear comfortably and decently. Whether it's daily or attending parties, ABAYA dresses can definitely become your secret weapon!